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The Intravene Travel Clinic was established in 1990 to provide immunizations required for travel throughout the world. All services of the Intravene Travel clinic may be utilized by anyone for either business or pleasure travel.

Travel Related Diseases and Vaccines:
(from the Centers for Disease Control)


We can research any travel destination and let you know potential or health problems.

We can advise you as to the vaccines you should get, and ways to avoid problems.

Physician contact:
We can give recommendations directly to your primary care physician for his or her review or an Intravene physician may review them for you if you do not have a physician.

Personalized Travel Information:
We prepare individual travel packets containing information about any destination, including general precautions.

Our nursing staff can administer any necessary vaccinations.

Travel Clinic Fee and Individual Fees for each vaccine administered.

Cash, Check, and major Credit Card accepted. We do not file insurance.

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